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Caleb Colton feels gloomy after losing his basketball game. His friends Timo Swift and Eddie Adams, listen to what happened and discovered that Caleb received minor injuries from the game. They offer to give him a quick rub down to help relax the muscles and get his mind off of it. These boys put him and Eddie starts to compress his shoulders, and Timo rubs his leg pain my friend. Caleb Timo flips and jumps immediately to the most important muscle and all. Timo rips underwear and starts slupring down throbbing man Caleb stick. Caleb moans loudly when he gets up in the service and underwear Eddie get his cock. Eddie huge uncut monster dong flops and straight to the waiting mouth Caleb. Timo wants to get down and dirty now. He jumps up and deprives himself of his shorts and plants ass down on Caleb's face. Caleb eats a round ass bubble presented before him as beef buffet. Timo and Eddie get Caleb up on his knees and turn it around. Timo does not waste time slapping his tower against Caleb hole and then enter his warm canal. Caleb gets throat fucked Eddie at the same time before turned around again. This turn Eddie, and he jams thick sausage in Caleb. Next, Caleb jumps on top and rides Timo his dick as Mexican rodeo. Caleb muscular man ass spanked by Timo feet and watch all the action to send Eddy into a frenzy coming. With one final blow, Eddie blows snow-white explosion of sperm in her mouth Caleb. Timo is close by and it breaks Timo Cano is full of hot cum all over the face of Caleb and language. Hopefully, Caleb feels "cargo" better.

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