A buff African American / Latino that couldn't wait to get his clothes off

Rico, as a tall glass of water on a hot day summerís. He is a lover of African American / Latino that couldnít wait to get his clothes off. I was glad to have him on my couch, so he could show his man meat. This smoking hot stud told me that he was somewhat bi-curious, which made my ears perk up. I continued probing Rico with more questions and what I got was all his fantasies and stories that he never told anyone else. He told me that he was ready to try the adult industry so he could show his rocking hard body with other guys that he fantasized about. Rico didnít stop there, he confessed about to turn when he is watching gay porn. One recognition of this hot, young, cum-craving, straight guy that interested me the most is how he wanted it plowed into the donut hole. He said to me, ìuntil I use a finger in my ass while I jerk off, because it helps me cum more and fasterî. Gasp! So I asked him if he would like to get my bed all dirty with his hot pursuit of a man, showing me how he likes to go out Rican style. After he got comfortable with his power rod, he bent right over like a pro. Rico then inserted not one, but two fingers in his warm pulsating hole. He even tried putting his sausage back between his legs, teasing his hole. As soon as his fingers went in, Rico moaned with joy. He was strong enough to watch him and I wish I wish he was getting pounded. Rico then gets up and goes while his fingers fly out huge gooey mess on his ripped stomach. After he was done getting my sheets dirty, I couldnít hold myself back from giving them a good old whiff. I love me Rico Cologne!

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