Blokek Covered In Tats Wanks Off

36-year-old Joshua is mature, male-type of guy, which is, being watched, and that's why this amateur wanted to enter in the video shoot. He climbs into the attic and put on a slow striptease spectacular. He takes off his shirt, revealing a hot, tattooed body. He slips off his pants revealing a tattooed butt. Firm and tight, it flexes and relaxes his buns seductive, enticing someone to go ahead and grab it. Then he lies down on the floor, rubbing his crotch. It is becoming more and more aroused and his cock begins to harden under his underwear. Finally, he stops and tease him with whips He strokes his dick slowly, hard bumps along the entire length of his hard shaft. He squeezes his grip around the head, it stimulates even more, to make it kinkier the second. He constantly shifted his grip and changes the way he strokes himself, extending his excitement. His cock is a hot part of manhood, and he keeps it as hard as possible for as long as he can. His other hand slid over his naked body, caressing his chest and stomach. He lightly touches his nipples and his butt, adding to the pleasure he feels.

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