Boys Will Be Boys Part 4

If you remember, last time, Joe, Fuji and Kaoru were having some fun, "Kant" Kaede on the patio and wound up leaving him tied up in a chair and never made it over the edge. We found out later that the other boys left to participate in the Matsuri and Kaoru Qaeda and actually had a date that night. In the evening of the same day, Kaoru returns from Matsuri in his fundoshi Qaeda and I can not wait to Kaoru out of it and pulls his cock to the side and begins to suck. Kaoru can get from fundoshi and the fun begins. First, they exchange blowjob before getting into 69. Both of them look as if they are ready to blow up at any second. Kaoru enough lube and starts playing with the hole Kaede. Qaeda is not perceived as the bottom, so Kaoru gently and slowly carries with it even when it comes time to get him with his cock after using a couple of fingers. Start with cancer, Kaoru running tight ass Kaede very gently. Just a little hard and not comfortable for Kaede, Kaoru pulls out and works his ass with your fingers to loosen it a bit more. Again, Kaoru gets Qaeda with his cock and this time Qaeda finds its rhythm. Kaoru gets into a sexual position again while fucking Qaeda, where it is actually worth bending the knees and plows Qaeda. Then it missionary style and Kaede seems to be more comfortable and get used to the penetration. In the end, it Kaoru that ends up on my stomach Qaeda, and we have not seen Qaeda get their turn to unload.

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