Breeding Ryan'S Ass

Hung Fucker Kamrun is back in action. Kamrun found us through a web search. When he turned, he said he loved our movies and wanted to breed a hot ass. We found Ryan through the web site for models looking for work. We thought that these two would make a perfect couple. They certainly did. Ryan's cock and cum hungry bottom that really wanted to fuck hard. Kamrun like bareback and breeding hot ass. That's just what these two hot sex pigs did! Kamrun first gets his cock sucked while he's not hard. Soon after, he was playing with Ryan ass to get him ready for a hot pounding. Kamrun fucks until he's going nuts. He pulls out, takes a huge load, puts his cock back in a deep and thus pushing his cum deep in!

Added: 2013-01-21 | Duration: 3:00 | Tags: breeding interracial amateurs

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