Bustin' A Thug - Jedi - Part 2

Jedi was in jail for 3 months before released just before Christmas ... and his first stop ****** Vinnie. The scene starts with the Jedi opening presents from Vinnie, he loves gears'''' Thug I bought for him and for the next 58 minutes Jedi shows us just how much! After some deep throat action Jedi tells me to take out Mr. Bill, then he starts massaging my balls, pullin my pud and rubbing our cocks together ... I get up and ask him to suck my dick - Jedi never has before - but takes the plunge after warning me not to bust in his mouth! When he licks the head of my cock and playing with my balls Jedi asks me if I like it - Duh! About halfway through the scene Jedi wants me to eat his ass so I put him in a position on all fours with his muscular ass in the air and start'''' chompin! He grinds his ass in my face and starts moaning so I start rubbing my cock against his asshole - that's when Jedi tells me that he would kick my ass if I try to stick to it'' in'' (but he knows I I want to fuck that ass!). When I flip it over and start sucking his 10'' black cock Jedi tells me he wants to stand over me and bust on my face! Nice ... He fucks my face hard and deep until he unloads a huge creamy white nut on my face. Now it's Vinnie turn to sit in the chair'' infamous'' circle and get served by Str8 black thug! Jedi kneels beside me, oils up my cock and gives me an amazing job hand. It's so hot to see a str8 boy the first time he goes all out'''' with another guy!

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