Buzz Shots #2 - Scene 2

When Buzz complains about the hair around his nipples I grab my razor and give them a trim, leaving untouched his cute little "happy trail." I grab his cock through his boxer briefs and I feel that is growing. "As a blowjob?" I ask. "Yes!" he says. Duh! Buzz stops the porn film, I'm going to work on his throbbing piece, bringing him close several times. When I pull out my own hardening rod and stroke it to Buzz, he was a little unsure of what was happening. "This is the first cock ever touched you?" I ask. He nods. "I do not want to worry you." I say as I go back to eating his flesh. Soon Buzz grabs my head and forces me to suck his cock until he blows a big messy nut on my face and in my mouth. As I consider my board, I ask, "Are you going to come back next week, is not it?" "Yes!" he says.

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