CJ Allen

Art in this video SDBoy.com, very soft spoken military boy named CJ Allen wants to show us the joys of "pumping". Letting his actions speak for themselves, CJ did not start working with his cuddly toys, "do not *****, no gain." Its a nice slim body design with an abundance of hair, all kept unshorn. Sitting on the couch, CJ inserts his penis and begins to cut "close the deal". Filling the tube with your favorite thing to play, CJ then removes his meat to go for sexy finish. Rubbing one out, "white line" on the belly marks the end, for the moment. He admits using the pump does not actually increase the actual size of his "block", but while imprisoned in the glass, it was definitely a thing of beauty and a larger than life. Download the full video now!

Added: 2013-05-23 | Duration: 4:24 | Tags: bigcock cumming toys

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