Corporal Cums on Chiseled Abs

Corporal James Ryan is here to show sharp and sexy effects of his insanely tough SEAL training, and his thick cock is amazing. James begins by explaining how he aspires to become a SEAL because there is an unbeatable feeling ********* hood and commitment. In the end, he wants to serve his country to the best of their abilities with a stunning physique and put himself through hell, such as literally sleeping 4 hours during the whole week of torturous exercises in 52 degree water, to make this goal a reality. Today, James wants to do is relax, get naked, relax and jerk his impressive meat. James starts, sitting on the edge of the bed and slowly massage the perineum camouflaged in an unmistakable bulge destined for glorious release. Not a moment later, James had removed his bulky dark jacket and shirt revealing a perfectly chiseled and smooth, saliva-producing torso that just does not quit before finishing the job and pushing his baggy pants and clingy black boxer briefs to the floor revealing that his member is physically far above the average, as well as his career goal. James leans back on the bed and squeezes a shiny clear fluid from his perfect chubby before wiping his finger and slowly licking him deeper into his mission. Getting on his knees, James continues to fuck his firm grasp while staring off and fantasizing about all the girls he plugged the hole with his fat cock sliding in and out of them. He bends down, allowing the camera to look down into the furry crevice of his ass while he jerks harder before going back and lying on the bed to finish what he started.

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