Deep Dish

Damon Dogg headed to Chicago over Memorial Day weekend for one of the biggest events in the world of skin. Instead of picking up a new pair of assless guys or a shiny new limits bracket, he finished shooting Deep Dish as part of its ongoing series of Factory Cum. The premise is simple: to make as many friends as possible, and to convince them to go to the bareback dick on camera. It is either very easy Hook-Up several times a day to the skin or conventions Damon plays with some fancy editing, because it does not take long for the boys to cum-Knockin ', no matter if the bed is-Rockin'. Dix tough, raw materials, as well, and Damon's hungry asshole takes all the sperm as a master of playing it. Well played, Mr. Dogg. When are you coming to my city?

Added: 2013-05-23 | Duration: 2:32 | Tags: chicago leather fetish