Foot Fetish

Southern fried country fun special today in a frat house. Gavin and Dietz are too cool for school but not for each other. On the contrary, in fact. They are HOT for each other! House of the Brotherhood was not so much laughing, tickling, wiggling, toe sucking, licking the hole and ass eating in one hump session in quite a spell. These studs met at a local pool hall and became inseparable. They had some friends that highly recommended some fun in a frat house. It sounded like a real treat for these two young and horny guys so they decided to give it a try. Two hot athletes plus two large members of the brotherhood still hours of fun. Just highlights here. These good boys get into some real heavy petting, kissing, fondling, and yanking each other across the bed in the belt loops. But when Dietz gets Gavin upside down for a better angle of a good old fashioned ass munching, his ****** really begins to boil. Gavin gets a super hard-on from all this foreplay and starts pre-cumming storm. Dietz gets into position for penetration, and starts yelling and screaming as soon as Gavin slides his flesh baseball bat between the taut buttocks. It's almost too much for Dietz to handle, he calls the termination of fun, fear of premature explosion all over the sheets. Dietz then jumps on top to prove his cowboy skills. He looks so handsome with his head thrown back, sweat dripping from his broad shoulders and six-pack rippling in the light. Grinding on that 9 inch cock gets Dietz so riled up he can not hold it in anymore, and lets loose a bull sized load onto Gavin's chest. An eye for an eye, as it goes around these parts. Dietz gets real low and eye level with Gavin's 9 inch cattle and asks him to face painting. With a cry cry and Gavin cums hard and heavy, getting the hot and hungry right in the eye. He said that everything in love and war, that rings true in the frat house. These two brothers are going to rustle up a southern couple of beers after this rodeo and probably going to get in one more round before the end of the day before. Yeehaw!

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