Hardcore Tickling Mateo

Ricky and Gil convince cute sexy gay Asian boy Mateo to let them tie him to the bed to see if he can escape. But Ricky decides he wants to see how ticklish his feet. So, he sits down at his feet hanging over the edge, and takes off his shoes. He gives some tickles moved his foot and gets a nice ticklish reaction. So Ricky peels off a sock to reveal his super soft soles. A few clicks of the fingers and feet return Mateo indicates delicacy. Ricky tickling this desire Get fired up, and begins to scribble and flick his talented tickling fingers delightfully up and down his sole, sending Mateo into fits of laughter. Ricky picks up the pace, and begins his evil sadistic laughter and begins to taunt Mateo with "gitchy gitchy gitchy ... tickle tickle tickle" and says thinks like, "Oh, your feet are ticklish?" and between laughter Mateo responds, "Very much so! Please do not tickle my feet! "But Ricky ignores his pleas and goes on the other foot, takes his shoes and socks off and tickles recently unsocked foot, sending Mateo into fits of giggles. Then they take off their clothes and tickle him in boxer shorts, and Ricky very gently with his fingers Tickly Tickly starts tickling his sides and pits, as Gil joins to make it 20 fingers tickling him everywhere! They put Mateo through tickle hell for 18 minutes until it is completely exhausted. Finally, Mateo admits that he really enjoyed having them tickle him!

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