Hungry for new experiences

Aleco Sahara soft spoken in our initial interview. He did not hesitate. Listening to his long list of fantasies makes it perfectly clear! He is not immune either. Aleco eager for new experiences. Maybe it's just that Alec does not seem full of bravado, like so many young people. Perhaps a quiet confidence like. The strong, silent type fits the bill. With his dark hair and eyes, painfully hairy chest and sumptuously well-defined body, Aleko is the whole package. He is the rare case of it all without having to flaunt. Those dark eyes could be brooding and still smolder with intensity. But they do not. Aleco temperament is even keeled and good-natured. Aleko speaks frankly about his fantasies, which include him as the center of attention in a gang bang. He also loved bondage scene in which he plays the victim to join them. Aleko admits that he only tried his diploma accident. He wants the other person to cum in her mouth. Recognition of foot-fetish and a secret desire to be cast around a bit, Aleko wants to be bold in their future sexual encounters. I, of course, help where ever I can! Aleco casually lifts the shirt and begins to gently rubbing his nipples. Rich mound chest hair that blankets his carved pecs stir like wild summer grass, overgrown and swaying in the soft breeze of his touch. Aleco moves his hand seductively over his dark fur highlights, directing his gaze down the length of his body in an unbuttoned jeans. His hand rests for a moment over his bright red underwear, gently pressing the massive bulge hidden under a cloth. Aleco pulls his package forth, displaying his penis as a gift for me. He rubs his chest again, tracing the swirling pattern his hair makes around his nipples. Aleco fingers in the following deep, lush growth of the abdomen again, fuzzy path leading to his fattened cock. He quickly removes his clothes. Standing now, Aleco rubs his manhood, which grows in his hand. He pushes his foreskin up and over his head, which glistens brightly as he pulls the skin back. Aleko is sitting, still tugging his manmeat, as he caresses his body with his other hand. He tugs his balls tight, his penis, holding the shaft tightly. I lean in, handing him a large blue dildo. He takes my addition to the action without hesitation, and easily slips into his hairy ass. As Aleco pounds on his cock, he slides Didelot his ass again and again. His hair shine on the edge of the phallus, slicked and shining grease. Aleco pulls the dildo out of his ass, and his lips pucker with a sweet, smacking sound, as his anus aches to pull the phallus inside. He teases his ass, repeatedly, as his hungry hole smacks and spits, begging for more! Finally, he shoves the dildo deeply and with full ****** a sigh of relief. Itch was scratched. Aleco moves in the Ottoman Empire, and Stradling it, jerks his cock at an accelerated pace. Leaning back, he teases his nipples one last time as he sprays his full cumload over his chest. His arc stream, squirting him on his torso, reaching past his slightly raised nipples. As Aleco lightly rubs cum drops into the skin, his matted locks of hair on the body, passing into moistened patterns on his stomach. He licks his fingers, tasting himself intentionally this time.

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