Hungry for some Navy boy ass

Navy Petty Officer Brad and Firefighter Mikey had such a good time before, they had to come again and again. They both like America's favorite pastime: baseball. Although, Mikey is more in it for peanuts, *****, and friends. Brad's idea of a good time includes having a *****, play soccer, and working on his car, a man a real man. This is only the second time Brad has shown his true colors to another guy on camera. And he's as nervous as the first time. Hello Mike promises to put a smile on his face, after all. Video POPs and the boys get to work. Although Brad seems to be paying more attention to this topic in the pants T-shirts than the ones on the screen. Mikey notices and loses his cool quickly. If Brad is going to be looking at him, he might as well be sucking on it. He wanted Mikey, Mikey gets. He grabs the back of the head of the fleet and the boy before Brad can think twice, there is a fire pole in the throat. Brad is a good soldier and takes the face-fucking like a man. And luckily Mikey in Hog Heaven with some big soft lips wrapped around his cock. Mikey runs his hands over his own bountiful hairy chest and moaning about the great work Brad does. With drool running down his cock and tears streamed down the face of Brad, our voracious fire is not yet satisfied. He longs for some ass boy fleet.

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