Jayce Asher

Meet the 24-year-old Jayce "Nice Ass" Asher said. Jayce loves to get straight boys ****** and work your way into their pants, say, or "work them out of their pants?" Jace wanted to try something different and come to us here at StraightRentBoys in search of a straight guy, he could have his way with that was not under the influence of ... ******** That is. He has every intention of "influence" of their own (wink). First things first though, we need to see what the Jays offer. Jace tells us his dick 8/8.5 inches when hard and he is versatile. When he takes off his pants, I love these men's underwear he wears with the butt cut out ... and what a nice ass. I could not resist and just had to touch it, as the Jays wiggles it for us. I could not help but think about the Charmin commercial "Do not squeeze the Charmin" :) Jayce undresses and sits on the couch and starts playing with his cock getting himself in the mood. When I asked how often they masturbate, Jace tells us 3 or 4 times a day, the horny little bastard he is! By laying down on the futon to sitting, Jayce touches that nice cock to his climax just need to see it to believe it. Sitting on the sofa, he literally "shoots" the flow of thick white right Cum in her mouth and face. Download the full video here!

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