Kaorukun & The Cameraman

Kaorukun and Usami have come today to make a shot. On our way to the studio of an SUV, Usami gets an urgent call and she has to leave to do a solo Kaorukun "shoot." Seeing Kaorukun on another site, and knowing that this young man does on his webcam, we were not going to let him go. During the filming of Kaorukun fantasizes about giving the operator a blowjob. Poor operator does not know what he is missing out on. Watch and enjoy Kaorukun pull themselves to such use vibrating dildo in his tight hole and a sweet young cock. In the fantasy Kaorukun, we get to watch our operator to get blowjob and Kaorukun cover his face in sperm. At least in my imagination, which is (wink). Download the full video here!

Added: 2013-05-23 | Duration: 5:54 | Tags: bigcock cumming blowjob

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