Keeping Kaiser Pleased

Kaiser invites Vahn sex date, and the two cute gay Asian boys head upstairs to the bedroom and the action begins with kissing and taking off each other's clothes. They suck each other's cocks for a while then Kaiser Vahn asked if he could tie him to the bed. Vahn says, "Oh weird, I like!" So Vahn ends bound spreadeagled and naked on the bed, not knowing that Kaiser has a serious fetish tickling!. Kaiser resumes sucking Vahn, then lightly caresses down sexy Vahn pits and sides, making Vahn jump and giggle. "Hey, that tickles!" said Vahn. Kaiser says, "Oh, you're embarrassing!" and continues to tickle Vahn with the most erotic of the spider Tickly fingers tickle sending volts of electricity through tight sexy body Vahn author. Vahn struggles and squirms and pleads, "Hey, stop!" but Kaiser keeps tickling. "I thought we were having sex!" Vahn says between fits of laughter. "No, I actually just wanted to tickle you." Says Kaiser as he continues to tickle his attack on the soft delicate Vahn in the soles. Incredibly erotic way Kaiser ticklish feet will send you to orgasm again and again, this is some of the best legs tickling with the cutest boys I've ever shot. This is MUST SEE!

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