Krys Perez Is One Hot Cookie

I'm so happy to finally be able to get to play with Krys Perez, I do not even know how to express my excitement. I watched that sexy little Hottie since he came to my studio. And today is the day I finally get to feel his warm sexy lips wrapped around the base of my throbbing rock hard cock as I am to fuck her throat and watch his eyes tear. Sitting in the directors chair, Krys says he's been waiting for this opportunity for quite some time and could not refrain from yanking my fly open and grabbing my big dick. He uses both hands, feed him in the face and pushing all the way down the nose rested in my head of hair. Hands I show him the right rhythm and back, which he instantly lifts? such an amazing cocksucker, I can only wish others were this good. Laying back on the bed, Krys continues to have covered my dick with his handsome face, and one of his hands tickles my big balls, and the other is busy working on his impressive cock still in his pants. Flipping and pulling his trousers and boxer shorts down, Krys unleashes his beautiful cock. I can not help myself from grabbing it as his mouth still surrounds my dong and we help each other a little at a time to the inevitable orgasms on the horizon. Kneeling down, I still get the signature Krys eye-rolling blowjob. I spread my buttocks, to see that perfect pink hole I would like to open with my throbbing erection. Finally getting to the point of no return, Krys lays on his back furiously working his own dick while I unload the explosion chunky white goodness all over his face, trying to get as many of his into his open mouth as I can manage. This was apparently the straw that broke the camel's back as Krys launches a significant burden of their own, the arc over his taut body and landing on his chest, neck and bed behind him.

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