Kyle Quinn

Kyle Quinn, a 25-year-old personal trainer from Chicago, who is fairly new to the gay porn industry, but it certainly is not shy at all. Kyle just finished shooting the video for Badpuppy, when he learned of it and ClubAmateurUSA resident masseuse Chad Brock, when he decided that the session SeXploration was that he wanted to experience. Chad asks Kyle to remove his clothes and lay on his stomach on the table, while he relaxes him with some small talk, as he begins the session. Kyle is immediately relaxed by Chad, who goes to the edge of the hole with your finger massage Kyle, and then some tongue and fingering action. Now all four, Chad begins some vigorous Rimming, while rubbing and tugging Kyle's growing member. Handed it back, Chad begins stroking his now rock hard cock, suck it, and then rotating Fest to fuck finger. Kyle does his best to hold back, but Chad got the best of him, with him screaming my God, my God, I'm coming, I'm coming, and the God he did!

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