Lance Corporal Grabs His Stiff Meat

Lance Corporal Jake had been deployed twice to the war zone in Afghanistan. He joined the Marines because he wanted to be the "best of the best." He also wanted to help others in need. This character likes to be bad ass, and it shows. Sporting his tan camouflage pants and a green T-shirt signed by this piece is ready to get down to business. He grabs his crotch and starts to pull on the fabric of military issue. Unbuckling his belt, he reaches into his pants and tight enough meat, gently pulling her head. Staring at porn, he takes off his shirt, revealing a chest covered in fur and perfect treasure trail. The tattoo on his chest reads: "Veni Vidi Vici", in true military fashion. As he settles in for a long wank session, he lays back on the couch, feet propped up with shoes as before. Becomes more comfortable, he pushes his tires down to the ankles, still holding his boots. When it comes to his knees, perfectly round, furry butt sticks out in the room. He beats his cock in this position for a while before laying back down. His face and chest start to wash, as it pulls in to his ballsack down with spots. Silently, a military stud starts to cum. White Cum Shot jump from the tip of his cock and land on his fur covered belly, some entanglement in perfect bush of pubic hair.

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