Latino Bent-Over Doggy

Another godly man, the big lipped Ruy Lopez, holds hairy goateed beauty Simao Fogaca expectations, but they soon meet. This battle of titans to be worth it. Both are very well built, tight as hell, and as beautiful. They kiss lovingly and then down Simao's hairy chest Ruy goes in while earning a prize. He sucks the long term with more directorial teasing licks, but is not afraid to wrap his mouth around it either. Dick Ruy is another impossibility gigantic (I'm not complaining, I just can not believe how much in the same film!), And Simao attacks the dark side as well as he can. Bubble-butted Ruy is the bottom here and Simao knows how to play to the camera tends Topman. His killer abs do a lot of work, but it gets his dick far into Ruy, and they even get a missionary position on top of the slope dog. Simao looks mighty damn hot here. Both have good pressure on the stomach in Ruy.

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