Lucio Saints and Samuel Colt

Trojan meets with his friend Samuel, more from the state, and invites him to go to the gym at the headquarters. Samuel takes, especially because Lucio can be trained there, and he really loved someone he would be trained on. When he comes to the gym, he has crushed their training expectations of basic equipment, but Lucio Offers There are many exercises that they can do. Samuel gives in and changed in obtaining it is fully aware of his meaty ass man Lucio, making another muscle pump. Lucio did not waste time and jump on the muscle man, as soon as he turns around. They explore each others bodies and Samuel goes to mass taste of meat in Lucio. He then pushes him to the bench and alternate face fucking him with deep thrusting his bull like balls in your mouth. They both like it a lot, but all good things come to an end. Just to make room for more good things. Lucio can not wait to get to work on the ass of Samuel, and he makes a real meal out of it. and Samuel is still struggling to accept that cock when Lucio pushes him against his hole. He fucks him hard and deep from the back to the permutation of the bench, to allow him to fuck Samuel on his back. He pulls him to her, holding his feet, falling into a deep ball from him. Samuel takes a good punch there and working crane Lucio explode. Lucio shoots, no breaks huge, thick white load of hot cum all over his hairy chest Samuel and Samuel should be a few seconds to load the same thickness.

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