Max Paterson

22-year-old Max Paterson comes to us from Buffalo, New York, where Max attends college full time. This is the first porn shoot Max and he is happy to masturbate for you. Leaning back on the bed, he takes off his shirt and began to rub his cock. Max drops his pants and rubs his cock through his blue boxer shorts that come off quickly. He grabs the director's tool and begins vigorously stroking his cock, and sometimes with both hands! On his knees, Max bends over and starts to pull and pull down on your product, and I share with you a good view of his hairy hole and swinging balls. Max was still on his knees, turns to the camera, clutching his cock and massaging his balls. Working up a sweat, Max lying on the bed and getting ready again to finish the job at hand. With a firm, fast stroke, Max lets go, squirting his load on his torso. He's a bit boring, but the relief shows in his smile.

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