Robbie Trinh & Matt Prasch

It's a beautiful day, and we find Robbie Trinh and Matt Prasch in the park, sitting on a bench by the pool making out wearing only his swimming trunks. Well, it does not take a lot of time and Matt is ready to dive into swim trunks Robbie ... literally! He holds out his hand, pulling them down enough to get their hands on hard Robbie "springboard". Oh, he slips and falls, but luckily he is able to catch Robbie "springboard" lips ;) Having a good lock lips in cock Robbie, he practices the "breath" of stroke suck dick Robbie for a while. Looking at Robbie's face, he does not seem to mind at all :) then Robbie believes he needs to practice his "breathing" of stroke, and to Mt. What is the whole porn movie without a little rimming action? Matt goes first and give Robbie a simple job rim licking and probing holes and gnaw Robbie firm butt cheeks. Then comes the switch and Robbie demonstrated its ability rimming ... Robbie is not bad, not bad at all. Robbie has other things on his mind at this point and continues Matt sensing holes, but not with his tongue this time ... Comes the condom goes to Robbie's cock. Download the full video here!

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