Sean "Big Red" Smith

We went to a local park to pick Sean Smith, 19yo boy just wanting to earn some money. As you watch the video you'll see that it's just a boy everything and takes care of the "significant" business matter here on StraightRentBoys! First things first, yes, Sean is a real red head, and "curtains match the carpet", as Eddie puts it. All I have to say that I hope they both ordered enough to do the job when you penis Sean. Yes Dynamite comes in small packages! We do not get a lot of red-heads coming through the studio, and if it's high, thin red head hung like a horse on your wish list, I think we have a winner! Shawn says he's never been with a another guy, and I actually got to touch and stroke, which is a member of his mammoth during shooting. When I asked him if he felt strange, he said no. At the end of the video when asked if he would like to say to all those who interested in renting to him, Sean said he did not mind getting blowjob from a guy and even consider sucking cock. Shaun all business and "Show me the money" kind of guy. If the right money, I think Sean is willing to explore new opportunities. Even Eddie says: "I would have sex with him!" Download the full video here!

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