Sessue Hayakawa & Ricky Hawke is the place to fulfill fantasies. Today we supply Sessue Hayakawa his favorite thing, cock Ricky Hawks. The two meet and greet soon as the camera rolls. Hands Ricky automatically finds Sessue as a member of the two swap spit. Within a few minutes, Sessue, our bottom boy, all in business Rica. Tongue wagging and legs bent at the knees, the boy knows how to please our chief. Worship in the "tip of a big dick," Sessue in heaven, by the pool. By the time Ricky slides it all we will hear from Sessue moans and groans of pleasure. Side of the frame shows the two are working hard for a nut. Sessue smiles for the camera while Ricky fills the void. What's the big top, he even gives reach around to get his partner up. Ready to blow, Ricky ranges Sessue body and spread the joy of the head to the body. Not then, our bottom boy jerks until he sprays himself too close to the pool. Download the full video here!

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