Str8 Loads #12: Cory - First Contact

This time, Cory goes without detachment and after selecting all the girls porn movie he robs his boxers and collapsed on the couch. Corey talks about his first sexual experience at 15 when he slows down on the cherry soda, and after leaving the room, he pulls his cock hardening as the screams coming from the TV. Lesbian film is not Hittin "place, so I pop in some in-out-in-out (see the monster come to life!.) When I come back, I measure his cock (8.5x6 inch) and get to feel it a bit. I think he was ready, so I grabbed his cock and lube it, he looks at me, his hand ready to return the animal as soon as I let go ... but I do not let go and continue to stroke it to the edge. I'm going nuts! he says and throws a dirty load in my hands (and on my new futon!).'' Thank you for coming for ****'' I said,'' Corey answers at any time!''

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