Str8 Loads #3: Tony - Third Visit

In the next scene, Tony is still looking for girls. In fact, he wants to be a little Winnie ********* "Tony Russo" and become a casting agent for Sneek Peek Productions! When he strips down to his "wife beater" t-shirt and boxers, Tony looks like he just came out from the episode "The Sopranos." Soon enough, I stroked his hard cock and when I start to give him a deep-throat sucking he begins to look at himself in the bedroom mirror. I just can not resist watching Tony's beautiful face those dark eyebrows - and I I love how much he gets in your mouth! While it is worth watching porn video he really gets into it and starts fucking my mouth like it's some bitch's ass! After I work his cock for a while he blows a huge load on my face. Did I tell you how much I like Italian sausage?

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