Str8 Loads #5: Buzz - Back Again - Part 2

On his next visit, we see Buzz after he started training. You can tell he likes his body! He did not nutted since his last visit, so it does not take long to tighten when I oil up his cock. When Buzz stands and I start to suck his cock, he grabs my head and starts to fuck him. After I stroke him and lick his dick and give him an extended session of deep throat sucking I take out my hard dick, stand up next to him and rub our shafts together. Watch as he is fascinated, as I lick the head of his cock and play with his balls. Buzz starts to jerk himself and I lay into his balls with my tongue and then swallowed, sloppy minutes I bury my head in his bush and take his whole load down my throat. Buzz-still hard after the session-I guess my sometime mechanic likes the way I take care of his drive shaft!

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