Straight MMA Fighter reveals a stiff dick

Marcus Crowe in MMA and has been competing at the amateur level for several years. He was so busy with training, it is unlikely to find the time these days to have sex. Of his friends, he was probably the hottest, though he did not have sex for months and exhausted after a couple of days. He is ready to go today, and he starts to undress minute I mention this. When he takes off his shirt, the fruits of all that training are obvious. He received a rippling muscles all over the world, and it is natural hairy chest a huge turn on. With his shirt and chest are covered with tattoos showing, he reaches into his jeans and starts stroking. Unzipping his jeans shows a hard dick surrounded by a perfectly natural bush light brown pubic hair. He continues jerking his meat for a few minutes before he decides to get completely undressed. As it stands, to remove the jeans, his stiff dong hanging from his body, bouncing as he takes each leg. He lays back and starts to work on some pump cum out of his penis. But before he is ready for this, he has a little trick: he begins to push one of the pillows. His round buttocks swaying while his cock rubbing against the thin cotton. When he pulls back to recline, he is ready to pop. His abs tighten and a drop of sperm shoots up to his chest. He grunts and several jets of juice spray on his corrugated cum gutter while his contract balls.

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