Gary and Dominic have no problem talking and remembering some of their links to the college experience. Dominic talks about his strategy for picking up girls at the bar. He likes to play hard to get. But if a chick ten years, it will be all to buy it and drink it as he says, "Whatever she needs!" Gary then shares how he enjoys a good fat ass and nice breasts. He even tells us that when he makes a dog and gives a slap on the ass, that will get him really going on. They take it to the next step and decided to look into porn and start playing with yourself. They both grab their rods through his jeans and gently massage them. Dominic first unbuckling the belt and whip out his throbbing hard cock. He starts stroking it from the tip to the base and casts a glance at Harry as he starts to pull him from the depths of his pants. Boys casually say, until they suffocate their chickens and commenting on the star in the porn they are watching. Dominic gets a little sweaty and peels off his shirt to reveal his muscular chest and sexy tattoos. Gary begins to feel the heat as well and pulls off his shirt, too. Dominik can not keep an eye on Gary's nine inches of surprise and scoots closer to him on the couch. He deftly slid his hand over his cock and takes his buddy. He grips it up and down, making sure to admire its girth.

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