Tickle To Pleasure

This cute Asian boy was taken to Laughing Asians. Not only does it have some of the softest, most delicate soles boy, he gets turned on by tickling! He sports a rock-hard boner almost all the time, we tickled him. Not to mention, after a fit of laughter awkward while Rikki tickled his feet, during a pause, he catches his breath and says: "MORE!". But Ricky was more than happy to fill that request tickle, and oil on the other, and only begins to tickle the hell out of his legs. The conclusion of this video clencher. We release him from slavery, while me and Ricky have one leg in our hands, we tickle his feet, and he laughs and strokes his boner. SUPER HOT!

Added: 2013-10-20 | Duration: 3:26 | Tags: twinks fucking bareback

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