Tony Bucks

Well, let's see who "friended" me on Facebook, Tony Bucks. The 22-year-old, bisexual looking for my help to find him a boy who can "take." Now, a lot of times I get the guys want to be models claiming that the "big package", but most of them can not deliver. So when Tony gets on the futon, I ask him to show me the "goods" to see if it really is that big. As he pulls down his pants, he says he cut and thinks he is 9 "or 10", as his clothes to go down, comes this cock which is beyond impressive. Straight Rent Boys is for you Tony, the rooster who could tame the top floor, by the way, if you want to remove this "Behemoth", just let me know. I ask Tony to go ahead and get yourself hard, and then I just dropped his "cock" to make all calls. Well, he's a big, big enough that it gets hard by rolling it on his hip. I make comments, "This thing looks like an anaconda," but I'm sure he's heard that before. Tony just keeps tugging and stretching it more and more. This will take some time for him to get hard, shit, getting to make him giddy. Soon Tony in his happy place and focus on your «Donkey Kong». Licking his lips and nipples growing, he works his cock with both hands, and still there is room for it on the other shaft. works as Tony's head, and I film by, I swear, it was "stormtroopers" on top of his shaft package this boy was of sufficient length and girth to plant the most down. Coming closer, I film over my shoulder, I wonder if he would shoot that far back? Desire " risks, "I hold the camera, where he let Tony finish what he started. As he does blow his thick cream oozing down the" mountain ", as Mt. Vesuvius," a good shot cum "I comment. Tony certainly has more than it needs, and he hopes to share his "serpent" with you. Now you have what it takes? Only infinite power of the bottom should be used. Download this video and more here!

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