Tristan Sterling and Josh Long

22-year-old Tristan Sterling from Orlando, Florida and is a clerk in a department store Macys. 24-year-old Josh Long of Nashville, Tennessee, and internally. These two pins connect to a club in downtown Orlando when Josh was in town on vacation. They quickly hit it off and back to the hotel, they start kissing and one thing leads to another and Tristan falls to his knees and gives Josh some hot oral action. Josh then pumps his cock in and out of the mouth of Tristan. Josh falls Tristan blue jeans and Tristan pays off with some hot oral action of its own. Tristan bends over on the couch and Josh languages of his tight hole, and friction and tugging on his cock. Josh sits back on the couch and Tristan sits on Josh's cock and rides him like a horse. They change positions several times before Tristan finishes first, followed by Josh stood over Tristan, releasing his abs! They share a passionate kiss as the scene ends.

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