Tyler Gets A Mouthful

Griz Tyler looks a little nervous today. I asked him at the last minute if he could fill in the center of attention in the bukkake scene. The logic behind this is that Tyler says expert cocksucker. In addition, he seems to like the taste of semen in her mouth. When he sees who the guys that he will blow that he is ready for action. Tyler begins to capture in every direction, trying to get as many handfulls cock as he can. On his knees, he pulls each of the 5 hard cocks around him out of his pants boys. Sucking eagerly, he manages to give each his share of oral gratitude. The guys managed to get a few good slaps on the ass of Tyler as he sucks. How good oral bottom, Tyler rolls on his back to every guy to fuck his face into oblivion. One-on-one, guys shove their cocks in his gaping throat. There's a good variety of crane for Tyler to enjoy, too.

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