***** RACES

Casper and Ryder were outside FratHouse fooling around, throwing the old pig skin to pass the time. Casper was not so good at catching the ball, but Ryder just wanted to stretch his hands. They decided to have a different type of competition. Who could carry the most beers up and down the stairs with one hand behind their back? Whenever you dropped them, you have to chug, and the loser had to, okay. Let's just say Casper showed just because he could not catch his hands, that does not mean that he could not catch his mouth. Ryder put his chubby down Casper's willing throat, after a brief discussion about who won, all the while sipping ***** while his buddy gave him a good, thorough blowjob. Ryder tattooed stomach was covered with cold ***** as Casper sucked away, devouring the cock before him. He tugged at his meat through his shorts, slurping up and down Ryder's big dick. Ryder decided to finally let his friend one final delicious drink, firing load of cum straight to her mouth open Casper. Casper licked his cock clean fraternity Bada, from the comfort of a drop of sperm anywhere in sight. Just because he has not won a race ***** did not mean Casper was not the winner in this one!

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