Active Duty Stud

go even higher in the ranks. He has a rugged exterior with full, pouty lips and thick guns sticking out from under a dark blue T-shirt military issue. Be the number one rescue swimmer on board to put a lot of responsibility on Jakobee, and he loved every minute of it. He was always the first overboard when it came to saving lives in the fellow comrade. He even saved the lives of civilians on the ground. Jakobee well-traveled, well-spoken and exudes confidence. With virtually no privacy on the ship, Jakobee is the first to admit that after a few months at sea, the barriers between the guys broke down and bunkmates will be a little more than friends. After one night of drinking will lead to another and Jakobee was giving his cock to a colleague. Seminars, fan rooms, closets, where they can fit where they were threaded on board. All the talk about the dark corners of the ship gets Jakobee in the mood, and he can not wait to prove himself. He furiously rubbing the growing bulge in his cammies. By the time he gets out his fat cock sailor, Jakobee is in full salute. His beak is hard as a rock, rosy pink and the size of a child's hand. He takes off his shirt and provides a smooth strong chest littered with tattoos and muscles. He is back to his knees and spread his cheeks wide, teasing his hole with a thick finger. Faster and faster, he jerks himself mounted on a hot throw military man juice. Thick white load falls from the head of his penis and is shining on his smooth six-pack, mixing in his happy trail.

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