AJ Monroe and Josh Long

22-year-old AJ Monroe and 24-year-old Josh Long return to Badpuppy, but this time together! AJ is a gay porn model from Daytona Beach in Florida and Josh internally from Nashville, Tennessee, and these boys hit it off right from the start! By doing some remodel work on friendâ?? With a house, they are ready to eat each other. They begin disassembly, with AJ fell to his knees, ready to gobble cock Josh and what he does! AJ and Josh sits back some deep oral action by AJ! They are kissing, rubbing their cocks together and getting ready to fuck everything Fest! Josh lies on the floor and AJ sitting on his person meat pumping up and down. AJ leans forward and Josh plows him from behind. AJ goes to his side holding his leg while Josh hits it from a different angle! AJ beats and loses it, squirting cum all over his body, while Josh kneels over AJ and blows a creamy load on the electrical load AJ, leaving it creamy and cum covered!

Added: 2013-05-23 | Duration: 5:00 | Tags: anal average average/above

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