Army specialist jacks his riffle

Army Specialist Brad has just returned from Iraq, and will soon be on the way to Afghanistan. Wearing the new uniform designed specifically for cross-country mountain regions of Afghanistan, Brad explains the meaning of each new sign attached to his shirt. Brad timid nature is surprisingly charming. He is modest in behavior, even while saving the life of conversion of another soldier! His lack of arrogance seems to emphasize his boyish good looks. His eyes, grimly intent, to emphasize their seriousness. Brad friend you can count on in the trenches, and build on in the barracks. Brad is eager to prove their worth in the flesh. Leaning back in his bed, he takes off his shirt to show the fluffy hair patch on his chest and rippling abs. He starts to rub his manmeat through his pants, and then quickly weaken his belt and digs! As Brad strokes his growing cock, squeezes his grip, and the sweet sound of flesh smacking against palm permeates the air. Brad penis grow taut. Fattened veins pulsing purple dance his shaft and criss-cross pattern as an indicator arrows pointing to his throbbing head. He gently lifts his ball sack, rubbing the skin gently between your fingers blushing. Placing his fingertips to his tongue, he moistens each digit, and caresses his cock with his saliva-drenched fingers. Brad changes position, and on both sides of the bed. On all fours, he lowers his back, pushing his ass in the air. His brash, round bottom is covered in a rich layer of fur. He pulls on his ass cheeks open to reveal a hole and an attractive red like berries and just as juicy! With his ass in the air, Brad pumps his cock, pulling his balls with the other hand. His blatant desire overwhelms him. Brad stretched back on the bed, lost in the near perfect moment leading to unrestrained bliss. He pulls his cock with such fervor that one of his arms and torso muscles flex with a stable tension of impending release. His small gasping sounds in a series of muffled moans as he squeezes against his orgasm. Tiny beads of courage twinkling as abalone pearls, cling to their sweaty, shiny hair trunk. Brad presses, exhausted and had fun.

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