Jeremy Tyler from New York here in FratHouse check in with all his fans and show your hot body on camera. This sporty muscular stud does not disappoint. It starts with flirting with the audience and explained that he bi and versatile and has an overwhelming passion for hot guys in hot underwear that really shows her legs. Rubbing his bulging crotch covered with Jean, Jeremy continues to share their intimate stories of many triples, he was lucky enough to find yourself in. He cleans it from the top of the tank and flexes his oiled up arms. Sliding out of his tight jeans, Jeremy immediately sticks both hands in his Jersey knit shorts gym, playing with his steadily swelling chubby and sliding his fingers up and choke down the smooth shaft of his penis using a dribble of precum as a lubricant. At last, his cock is raging at full mast, Jeremy falls shorts and swings his impressive cut around the penis from the base and smiles as chat rooms filled with excited comments. Working that cock in foaming frenzy, Jeremy leans back on the couch and really starts to abuse themselves with unprecedented fury, until thick chunks of white spooge explode from his brilliant piss slit and lands all over his tan and chiseled abdomen.

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