Austin Dallas and Blue Bailey

Austin buries his face in the folds of blue crack. He licks and tongues his hole to get him ready for his hard cock raw materials. Austin inch of his cock closer and closer to the bare butt of blue. It sits on a thick massive pole Austin and takes it for a long ride cowboy style. Blue ass swallows his rod down to the ground. He bounces up and down, not missing a beat. His buttocks smack against the crotch of Austin, as he moans and pants in delight. Austin Blue nail hole indefinitely. Over the side of the bed, double check the position or doggy style. He beats his ass, and after a heavy traction traction. Austin pulls out and shoots his huge stack of blue around the mouth and lips. Blue eagerly absorbs every drop without wasting an ounce. Blue is quickly mounted crane one of Austin last time he rides and strokes his load. He blasts his nut all over her hot face Austin when he kneels down to lick his lips with a load of Austin. They each share sloppy kiss and wet snow ball to end it.

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