Black Madness - Caspar Loronha

After only a short conversation, and Caspar Loronha Ulises Cuen start kissing as if they are starving. Ita?? On one of the hottest Makeout sessions ever. All the while they grope each otherâ?? With cocks and grinding his hips into each other. Once they get out of the way their shirts and their pants, Kaspar has the right to his penis against Ulises? AND HEAVY ass? with friction that the bones crack down Ulises that he lubes with his own spit. He puts a black cock in this hole Latin like a ton of bricks. Hands on hips, he picks up a good rhythm and the sound of balls slapping on my ass percussion are fucking. Ulises uses his time on the bottom to get it cranked up for his time at the top. Caspar looks a little nervous as he waits Ulises cock to plug the hole, but he keeps pulling the bone just the same. When these guys finally go out, itâ? S not a small thing.

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