Broke Straight Boys - Tyler Nu Jake

Enter Tyler, NU, and Jake in a scene together I have them all sitting on the couch ready to get started. All three of them knew that they were going to do anal scene. I asked one of them is going to bottom and Tyler and Jake were quick to say that they had planned at the helm. This meant that Nu, what have down that he was okay with I knew that, besides, he could use the practice of so tightly for the last time. The guys were really pumped and excited when I told them about the payment of his little reaction. I knew that Tyler was tired from working so late at night to get a bunch of things to do, but the rest of them need to wake up. Both Nu and Jake were getting ready to go back to school soon, so that's where their money is going to go. As for Tyler, he planned on spending the money for the trip, his truck, and perhaps a new sofa for his place. I have guys stand up and get naked for me. They took off their shirts, and the kind of pause thought tha

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