Casey Monroe

Casey Monroe comes to us from Texas, in town for spring break. He is 23 years old and thinks he may be bisexual! Casey heard about ClubAmateurUSA and our internal masseuse Chad Brock and decided to take the first plunge into the city. After some small talk, Chad rubs Casey's arms, back and legs and moves with friction and stretching his hole, which Casey states feels good. Currently, all four, Chad holds Casey's balls in one hand while stroking his cock. Chad takes his shirt off, revealing her fantastic body! Casey sits down and leans back against Chad, as he massages his front side. Casey enjoying the attention his body gets. As Chad leans over rubbing his chest to his feet, he grabs some oral action on Casey, who at first surprised, but quickly relaxes more. Chad has been a member of Casey, who looks as though it was going to explode. It pulls the skin back and down and giving circular massage the palm to the tip of his penis, Casey has eyes rolled back. Casey blows his load and this whole experience blew his mind. Casey informs Chad that he will be back! It was a wonderful first time experience for Casey and we have no doubt that he will be back!

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