Chad Brock and Jayson Park

In the style of dry starched shirt, tie and black stockings Jason and Chad to relax after a hard day at the office. Chad unbuttons his shirt to expose his hairy muscular chest. Jason puts his throbbing cock through the folds of his shirt. He sucks and swallows a member of Chad in preparation for his ass raw. Left wearing only their neck ties and socks ... Chad fucks and pounds the hole of Jason endlessly. The edge of the bed, back fluctuate position or doggie style ... Chad nails his ass, thrust after thrust and heavy until he unloads his cum all over Jason attractive hole. He plants his seed in the cracks of Jason as he continues to fuck him hard. Chad pulls out only to be licked from Jason as he tastes his ass cock Chad. Jason shoots all over his 6-Pack. Its rich and creamy load gobbled Chad, as he licks his stomach clean.

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