Champ Robinson and Kriss Aston

Kriss is on hands and knees sucking and servicing a big fat tool Champ, his lips and huge meat man's tongue swallow Champ. Kriss «oral skills are put to the test as he snorts, gags and drools all over his raw rod. Champ buries his face in the ass crack Kriss. Firm, smooth and white, champion rims and sucks his twitching hole to get him ready for raw fucking. Champ fingers and teases his ass to the delight of Kriss. He asks for cock Champs, he arches his back and feels that his huge tool probing slide in. Champ pounds his ass in different positions, as Kriss fucked raw materials, like a rag doll. Champ pulls his hole to the edge of the couch, spreading it wide and pile drives his huge cock in his bare butt crack. Kriss mounts his cock and rides him cowboy style as he strokes his uncut meat. Too much to handle, Kriss Champ takes the rod and blasts his load all over his smooth black skin. Kriss bends down to clean it up and instead of Champ spins it around and continues to fuck him doggie style. It's not long before the bombings Champ wrinkling around the nut hole Kriss. It slides back and continues to multiply the load on it. Champ pulls out and we see the Milky mess that he left in Butthole Kriss.

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