Coach Austin & Drew Sumrok

Coach Austin and Drew Sumrok having breakfast in bed! Cream with coffee? One morning wake-up call has been made, and all faucets for signs of life and fully awake, it's time for a morning workout! Coach starts with some deep rimming action, great to relax those tense muscles of the sphincter. Done with a warm "Up" it is time for a deep sphincter muscle training. Coach ensures that Drew develops all muscle groups during a workout flipping it over the working muscles of the back, on all 4 to work from the legs, pulling her head back by the hair stretching back muscles ... No wonder they call him coach Austin! What a great workout coach :) Both are full sweat by the end of the morning session. To bring the scene to a close, look finished, the trainer releases. You'd think you were watching Old Faithful in Yellowstone blow! Download the full video here!

Added: 2013-05-01 | Duration: 0:41 | Tags: bareback dads ***********raunch

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