Cum Dripping From His Grinning Face

Daniel Freeman thinks he's applying for a job in the accounting office Dirty Tony. And truth be told, he was selected for the job. Well, a few jobs, actually! Dressed in his professional suit and tie, Daniel agrees to the final test at the end of the interview. And the fact that this test: Bukkake with four of their future employees! Hunky Troy, from ships, ready to do some receiving. While the horny Colt Waters has some files that need to be moved out of his mailbox. Cab Cutie, Ryan Lynch, is ready to upload to the server Daniel. And the massive member belonging to Max Morgan has a few power points to share! Each of these workaholics bored standing around the water cooler. When Daniel arrived, the guys are ready for a night out, complete with fresh meat for dinner! Paper-pushers pounce on Daniel, eager to shove their load in the throat. Daniel hopes to prove that he is up to the task, and following the movement takes all Schlong Ryan deep in the throat. Daniel shows his ability to multi-task, quickly go to Tools Max, not deep blowjob until he gags. Desk jockies tear suit Daniel crazy performance paper shredder! Naked, with fresh claw marks on his skin, Daniel is surrounded by a circle of flesh hardened, hungry cock. Proving his skills, Daniel tries to take two beefy mantubes in his mouth at once. In a tough prick shoved in his face on each side, the corners of his mouth spread wide. Daniel slurps, licks and sucks his way to the hiring bonus! Daniel enjoying every minute as the guys crowd, pretending to head the Supervisor. They are closer to moving around the face of Daniel, as long as it is not just a spot cocks slapping him in the face of fierce beating hard, very hard work! This conference is as complex as the guys talk over one another, shoving their dicks in her mouth Daniel. Face fucking quickly turns into a deep throating submission, as Daniel tugs at his own throbbing penis. Troy unleashes the goods from its package, and then the water Colt. Colt splooges diploma balls are looking forward to face Daniel. Daniel sucks Colt sticky cock clean, and then turns to Max anymore. Ryan pulls the managerial ranks, saying, "I'm going to cum." Daniel catches a massive load of Ryan as a spray all over his cheeks, his nose, or mouth.

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