Cum Splatter

Looking like he was on his way home from school, a young Jeferson Garces, with beautiful lips bitable, returns home and tries to work on his computer, but he has a problem. He calls Manuel Jacques, very tightly muscled man to help him. Manuel aghast when Jeferson touches him in thanks for the help, but as Jefferson agrees to keep it secret, it allows Jefferson continued. Inevitable giant cock springs out of Manuel undies and Jeferson gets-Devil. His small face can scoop up a lot, and he does a fine deep throat almost the hardest cock. They cuddle a bit while Manuel feels around in the fresh fillings Jefferson untanned ass. Manuel is smart to defer to fuck until he makes some amazing ass licking. An incredibly deep hole, but delicious cheeks. It's damn delicacy. Manuel then fucks Jeferson with remarkable ease. I think a deep hole in the Jefferson come in handy. Jefferson is the very model of placing the bottom as Manuel strongly pushes him. Manuel works pretty hard overwhelming Jefferson, who needs only a compressed work missionary position to cum on his smooth chest. Manuel follows with an impressive splash.

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