Denis Reed

27-year-old Denis Reed mechanic from the Czech Republic. He was off work for the day and wants to erase some frustration accumulated during a hard week of work. He starts rubbing himself, turning so you can see his hard bubble butt, who is in his white briefs. As he squeezes his cheeks, he gets horny than the previous ones. Jeans come off and his focus is on his uncut cock, rubbing through his pants Tighty Whitey! Monster cock out and a steady hand, Denis gives it the attention it deserves. Kneeling, he turns showing their naked ass this time, massaging her love hole, doing a bit of rubbing and pulling on the tool. Sitting on the couch, he adds some challenging lubricant, giving his hole, cock and balls good work! Dennis believes that it is approaching the peak, as he starts stroking fast and furiously, providing a thick creamy load on his tight abs, eliminating him from the accumulated frustration last week.

Added: 2013-07-20 | Duration: 5:00 | Tags: amateurs athletic average/above

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